Sneakers Barons Hi Custom Patina

Sneakers Barons Hi Custom Patina

475,00 €

Basketball City, high upper rod with exclusive patina.

The patina of the Baron is handmade with the tradition of the art of patina: from leather stripping, colors to dye leather and icing for mirror effect. The secret for patina is drying time, we need 6 hours to finish the patina of the Baron.

Barons Hi is the style use due to the softness of its full grain leather. Inspired by sport and nightlife, this sneaker can be worn barefoot. Barons Hi can be fitted and removed easily, without using laces,due to unique heel strap system, exclusivity of Barons Papillom.

Brand signature ‘ Le TriompheModeste’ is sculpted into the midsole of this new sneaker. Orange outsole profile represents famous Etoile roundabout and streets, where this hand lasted sneaker has been created at 19 Presbourgstreet in Paris.

UpperFull grain leather
LiningPunched leather
InsoleCalf skin with mixed cork and herbs inserts

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The Customs products in our Parisian workshops require a period of 2 weeks.