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Our expertise

In 2013, Eric Lemaitre launched the brand Barons Papillom with only one model for everyone: The Original Barons in perforated leather. Since then, Barons Papillom has been continuously expanding and improving.
Today, Barons Papillom sneakers are made in a workshop on the banks of the Loire river in France, with all the quality and expertise associated with French craftsmanship.

Our expertise

Eric Lemaitre is very much aware of current environmental challenges and wants his elegant sneakers to be environmentally friendly and follow the principles of slow fashion. French craftsmanship guaranties quality all over the world, and Barons Papillom shoes are a result of this handicraft. They are born from a meaningful collaboration between the tool, the hand and the eye of the craftsman.



The brand’s concept was created in 2013 with a desire to become the most recognised French sneaker brand and integrate everything that makes our French identity: creativity, tastefulness, and a touch of classicism and historical references.

Here is one of the first drafts

 Le temps

"Smart and lazy"

This innovative and original system was developed to easily slide our high-top sneakers on and off without having to unlace them. This is ideal if you like to wear them loosely without lacing them.


The outsole

The Place de l’Étoile is an iconic Paris landmark. Our unique outsole was designed to accurately represent this place and its surrounding streets. Its beautiful orange colour makes it all the more unique and is a trademark of the Barons Papillom brand.


The insole

Our insole made from cork, plants and leather is designed to be highly breathable and hygienic. This allows the sneaker to be worn barefoot without any inconvenience.


The material

Material is the foundation of craftsmanship. Without quality material, there cannot be a quality product. French lambskin is a very fine and supple material to the touch, and it fits your feet perfectly.


The prints

The printing takes place in Montbron, a village in the Charente region. Our special textile printing technique allows the brand's original patterns to maintain their correct dimensions no matter the shoe size.


The Pal Vergette logo

The Barons’ crown logo was inspired by the heraldry tradition of Renaissance barons. This logo is hot-printed in leather.


The Jewel logo

The Jewel logo was designed in collaboration with a French jeweller. Many steps were required to achieve this elegant result.



Here, the logo is embossed using hot-printing with a golden film.



Lucie, a Parisian gilding artist, uses an ancestral technique to offer 22K gold marking personalisation services. The initials are only printed on the right shoe. For our customers who would like to add writings on top of their initials, the initials will be placed on the left foot.


The scripts

The « Baron noir » is a graffiti artist who draws inspiration from street art and offers his own interpretation to thematic phrases.

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